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Take the guesswork out of sales – we work with Seed to Series A stage start-ups on strategy to training and growth through our measured, applied, scalable process.

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The Sales Method with Whitney Sales
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The Sales Method with Whitney Sales
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The Sales Method with Whitney Sales

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The Sales Method will teach you:


Identify the buyer

If you focus on your entire buyer pool, your adoption success rate can swing wildly. When you know your buyer well, you can pursue the most receptive segment of a market at a time.


Engage your buyer

How does your buyer learn about and buy your product? Do you rely on direct communication and awareness, or enterprise-level Sales?


Close your buyer

Now that you know your buyer and how to engage them, it’s time to focus on teaching them how to champion your business.


Widen your net to scale

When you understand who your buyer is, how to engage and sell them, then it’s time to scale. Hire the right people and automate so you can go to market faster.

Curious about how to Unlock your team’s sales potential?

Walk through the steps to win your customer's love and grow your business.

Strategy call with WhitneyS


The Sales Methods Arrows

Strategy call with WhitneyS


The Sales Methods Arrows

Strategy call with WhitneyS


Unlock your early-stage
start-ups sales process

by Whitney Sales

There can be a mystery to sales at the earliest stages of a startup. Wise counsel on building a strong sales deck or designing sales.

Whitney at the operator's podcast
by Whitney Sales

TechCrunch is beginning to publish podcasts from industry experts, with transcriptions available for Extra Crunch members.

sE833: Crushing Customer Acquisition
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Crushing Customer Acquisition: Whitney Sales, Acceleprise walks through the optimal sales process @ LAUNCH Festival Sydney.