Acceleprise GP Whitney Sales explains how to close deals during covid

by Whitney Sales

In March and April, it felt like the whole world went on pause. Consumers stayed at home and businesses stopped spending. For tech companies across all verticals, it was tough to make a sale.

“Startups have to move fast for survival, but larger corporations have to move fast for survival as well these days.”
Now, for the most part, the markets have opened up. So what’s it like to sell in a pandemic?

We decided to ask an expert, Whitney Sales (yes, actually). Whitney is a GP at SaaS accelerator and seed fund Acceleprise, and also the creator of the Sales Method (yes, actually), which helps early-stage startups scale their sales processes.

Whitney had a ton of smart things to say, tracking how the spring sales freeze-thawed in late summer, and what startups can do now to get ready for the new year. Name-related puns may have been made.

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