‘The Operators’: Acceleprise partner Whitney Sales and Docsend Russ Heddlesten on how to grow your sales strategy

by Whitney Sales

Welcome to this transcribed edition of The Operators. TechCrunch is beginning to publish podcasts from industry experts, with transcriptions available for Extra Crunch members so you can read the conversation wherever you are.

The Operators highlights the experts building the products and companies that drive the tech industry. Speaking from experience at companies like Google, Brex, Slack, Docsend, Facebook, Edmodo, WeWork, Mint, etc., these experts share insider tips on how to break into fields like product management and enterprise sales. They also share best practices for entrepreneurs to hire and manage experts in fields outside their own.

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Craig Wortmann, Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, explains the importance of sales in entrepreneurial education. I recently sat down with Craig Wortmann, CEO of The Sales Engine, author of What’s Your Story? and...

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Founder Selling Fundaments

“Develop your dreams. Advertise your goals. Execute your plan. Close the sale.” Michael Dooley You’d be surprised how often the last part of this equation is missed by founders, closing the sale. In exchanges with employees, investors, influencers, and potential...

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Sales-market Fit Course

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